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Now we have the crown system.......

Can duolingo please have a look at the 'health' system. The problem is five strikes and you're out. My problem is that of the 5 mistakes three are not intentional like writing 'je suis' too quickly and ending up with 'jesuis', or the ipad did not register because my finger was just too low. Those sort of things. I do not mind working through all the extra levels but I really do not want to spend money in able to go through the levels, after all I thought by paying up to be a plus member I could just work on...... I do not mind if there are mistakes that the system doesn't let you go further, I do mind that I have to wait hours before I have one line again! Can duolingo please look at that, especially for the people who have paid. At the moment it's not clear to me which benefit having paid gives me, I can live with a few ads. I am not tired, I am totally fine, want to get on but the system does not allow me because I made five mistakes in 200 questions!

April 7, 2018


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