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"DIvI' Hol yajbe' tlhIngan, mara."

Translation:The Klingon does not understand Federation Standard, Mara.

April 7, 2018



Whats the context of Mara here? I've had zero experience with this language. This seems like a very complex statement.

Is Mara the person you are addressing or is Mara the Klingon being referred to?


Mara is the person you're addressing. The Duolingo course makes extensive use of direct address, often so you can choose the correct pronoun or prefix. It does not make use of apposition in the way you have suggested.


Then, grammatically speaking, wouldn't you need a comma before the person you're addressing?


Yes. All the accepted translations include a comma.

Duolingo generally ignores commas and if you get this sentence as a tapping exercise (tiles from a word bank), you won't have a comma but it will still be accepted.

But if you have a free typing exercise, you should properly write the comma.


Doesn't seem to accept English instead of Federation Standard (or maybe Galactica if you're into Asimov).


That's odd. It is in the accepted translations. Is it possible there was a different error? Did you report it? Do you have a screen shot?


What is wrong with 'the Klingon do not understand Federation Standard'?


You have the wrong conjugation for a third person singular subject in English. It should be "does", not "do".

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