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How to Redo Lessons with new Crown System?

Overall I don't mind the new crown system from the latest update. However, it appears that I can't redo lessons. I know I can "strengthen" areas, but you used to be able to redo specific lessons. I like redoing lessons until I feel like I've really retained the information. As of now, once I complete the lesson once, it makes me move on to the next. I realize you can "review" the lesson once completed, but it's not the same. Thank you.

April 7, 2018



I loved redoing lessons and strengthening specific lessons like all of you are saying over here. The old way was the gold way. Please enable the ability to strengthen specific lessons at the very least!

June 3, 2018


I don’t mind the crowns myself, but this is one of its unambiguously bad features. You cannot do targeted review. Utterly ridiculous non-feature. It’s actively anti-learning.

April 7, 2018


Would love to be able to redo lessons too !

September 3, 2018


I too appreciated the old system that allowed one to completely redo a lesson. I used this feature to practice Duolingo with my preschoolers who weren’t otherwise at the same point in the program as me. Any suggestions for how to accomplish the basics in the new system with my little ones?

May 16, 2018
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