I would like to get lists of Japanese words to translate into English, beginning with the most common and useful ones. Much like when learning a language in school where we got maybe ten words a week to translate into our native tongue and then memorize. Boring, but highly effective.

I have found that sometimes I get a character to choose a sound to, but I don't get the translation into English (if the particular character is a word in itself) and if I don't know beforehand what it means I have missed something important with the lesson. This goes especially for kanji characters. I get the sound right but I may not always know what it means.

Just my two bob.

April 7, 2018


Hi, mirocu1 :) I've made checklists for up to N4 vocabulary and kanji some time ago:(

And for specific words, you can google " WORD"

Duo serves the meanings for a kanji required in it's course, but not necessarily all those that are correct. We all need to rely on other resources there, at least until Japanese comes out of beta ;))

April 7, 2018

Well, at least we got the Crown system. Yay?


April 7, 2018
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