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Noticed some words missing in the words list.

I've been doing the new crowns thing for fun and tried it on the Weather 1 lesson.

I've just recently completed it and realized that, despite having practiced (with Practice button) weather sentences and have seen all of the words in the lesson, gèle, pleut and neige were never in any of those practice sentences (I've practiced dozens of time since first completing the lesson).

I've checked the word list and see that "gèle (Il gèle - It is freezing)" is missing (I can't find it anywhere), despite the fact that I saw it during my Crowns session.

Anyone noticed something similar?

April 7, 2018



You don't always get credit for all the words that appear in a lesson you complete, even without any errors. This has been the case for a long time; maybe since the beginning.


Hmm... Weird. Given that it seems I'll never see those words again. Well, if things are this way, then I guess I have to practice explicit skills and not use just the Practice button.


The words you cite are new in the French 3 tree, which was just released to me about a week ago. It's possible that the words in that skill are not yet integrated into the system.

I noticed during the week that I was a beta tester for the new French tree that large amounts of practice on the new skills had a negligible effect on my (late lamented) fluency score, which supports my belief that they had not been integrated.

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