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  5. "Voglio stare da solo."

"Voglio stare da solo."

Translation:I want to be alone.

March 22, 2013



why stare and not essere?


"voglio stare da solo" means i want to be alone (for now) "voglio essere solo" means i want to be alone forever


Well, since we don't know which state of mind the speaker is in, shouldn't both be correct? I believe Greta wanted to be alone forever :-)


The life of the stars.. to shine alone in the dark.. Well from the prospective english it may be correct, very sad but correct. In italian they are two different things


thanks a lot for clarification


Copyright Greta Garbo


Are you as old as I am, to remember such things? Ho setantotto anni.


Why do you need the 'da' in front of 'solo'?


I think it helps prevent ambiguity.
da solo definitely means "alone", while solo can be either an adverb meaning "only/just" or a predicate adjective meaning "alone":
voglio solo stare - "I just/only want to stay/to be"
voglio stare solo - "I want to be/stay alone" or "I only want to stay" or "I want only to stay". Position of solo in the sentence will make a difference, too.

It's also probably an idiomatic format that means "alone" - it's just what you say when you mean "alone" in this kind of sentence.


Why can this not be translated as "I want to be left alone." ?


I think that this is one of the possible translations


what's the deference of "sto" and "sono" ? Could someone please explain it to me? Thanks in advance :).


It's difficult to a native English speaker. The thing is, there's two different verbs to "to be" in latin lenguages. "Sto" is to temporary or brief situations. "Sto stanco"(I'm tired). "Sono" is for permanent situations "Loro sono brutti"(They are ugly).


Very helpful - thanks


This is not always correct. For instance, "io sono malatto oggi" (= I am sick today) is the correct construction. Comparing the Italian verbs essere/stare with the Portuguese/Spanish verbs ser/estar is confusing and misleading.


Two years before you posted this question, it had already been asked and answered in this discussion section. Look above at the question by cocos53 and the answer by FrancescoN41


And I thought my answer 'I want to stay single' was a good guess. I laughed out loud when I was corrected with 'I want to stay lonely.' LOL, LOL, LOL No-one ever says that! The translation here 'I want to be alone' is more like it. You have to admit, that Duolingo is often quirky and fun and we love it. (January 2018)


Exactly my answer too : )


Duolingo knows me well


This doesn't go in the flirting section

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