"Vous pouvez trouver l'information sur Internet."

Translation:You can find the information on the internet.

April 7, 2018

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Why is this not sur l'internet? And is Internet supposed to be capitalized?


in french we don't say the internet. Only "internet" or "le web" "la toile"


An internet (lower case) is a set of two or more local-area nets that are connected so that they can intercommunicate. The Internet (upper case) is the set of protocols that allows all local-area networks to connect to all other local-area networks if they adhere to those protocols.

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Why not "you can find information on the internet."? As, in general you can find ...


bad audio. Sounds like "vous pouvez trouvé l'information sur interné". ...I think... only if you are very very crazy


But you know that it cannot be "pouvez trouvé" and you will understand that "trouver" is pronounced the same way. Try to understand the meaning and you will eliminate the misunderstanding of "bad audio". BTW, if you think this is bad, there are plenty of French speakers who make this audio sound quite pristine.


But "inter-nay is not correct pronunciation, is it? My French teacher who is French says no, it's interneT with the T pronounced. Please confirm.

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yes, it's pronounced with a hard T. the female voice gets this right.


"You can find the info on the internet " is wrong? Or is that too colloquial for Duolingo?


Is l'information not about generality? I wrote you can find information on the internet and got wrong.

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