"I am talking with young children."

Translation:Je parle avec de jeunes enfants.

April 7, 2018

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When you have an adjective before a noun, you use "de" and not "des". Same with "le" and "les". Always use singular form when there is an adjective before the noun.


but the adjective still reflects the noun "jeunes" and enfants if what you say is true then wouldn't it read de jeune?


"jeunes" is not a noun. It is an adjective meaning young. jeunes enfants means young children. if you just had "the children" then you could say "des enfants", but since they sneaked an adjective, jeunes, in-between des and enfants, it becomes "de jeunes enfants"


I'd like some clarification on that too


Why isnt it des (de enfants jeunes is their correct answer)? Shouldn't de/des agree with the noun?


There was something in the previous lesson about young children that used les jeunes enfants. I typed in de jeunes enfants and failed. Now I type in les jeunes enfants and IT failed. Very frustrating.


Ok, I think I got it: a) use "de" before an adjective + noun; b) use jeune(s) before enfant(s)

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