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  5. "A photon has no structure."

"A photon has no structure."

Translation:Qur ghajbe' 'otlh.

April 7, 2018



Any significant difference between ghajbe' and Hutlh? Hutlh suggests a deficiency maybe?


I think they're synonymous.


What are the limitations of using ghaj? I thought that it was reserved for more literal possession of something not for the abstracted possession of something like possessing a quality.


We haven't been told the limits of ghaj, but it generally has been used for actual possession. Perhaps the most abstract use of it has been Hov ghajbe'bogh ram rur pegh ghajbe'bogh jaj, in which a night "has" stars and a day "has" secrets.

I would go no farther than this.


Good point. Any suggestions for this sentence?


Thinking about it, I'll probably back off my concern. In the beginning of TKD we have pIch vIghajbe' It's not my fault, which is a pretty abstract sort of having. ghajbe' or Hutlh are probably the best choices.

Still, for the sake of alternatives, you might use 'otlhDaq Qur tu'lu'be' There is no structure in a photon.


So are we fine broadly applying ghaj for abstract possession then?


I think I was clear: it doesn't appear that using ghaj to refer to something having a property is necessarily wrong. To my mind it is not, however, usually the best choice. There are usually better alternatives, and one should reach for better tools than ghaj before resorting to it.


It wasn't clear for me after you said you were backing off your concern. I wasn't sure how to take that. Thanks for clarifying.

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