Something I've noticed with the update...

I tried the first lessons in two languages--French and Spanish. The basic French lesson was the same 4 sentences with the exact same words multiple times every time, no matter how many lessons I did. However, the basic Spanish lesson actually contained some gradual variety in the words/sentences as I went up.

Has anyone else noticed this?

April 7, 2018


I can't comment on the French one as I haven't gone back through that.....but what I have found so far on the Spanish tree is not one single new sentence or phrase........just unbelieveably tedious repetition of what I've already gone through before -- only this time it is repeated even more times over and over and over....... since they forced everything back to level 2 for people who had already completed their tree and kept it gold, I expected that at the very least there would be SOMETHING NEW -- in order to get to level 5 -- NOT!!! If they were not going to add anything at all to the skill then they should not have set us to 2 -- I could have tolerated setting to 4 and having to just redo one level -- but what they have done is just absolutely ridiculous in my view-- a conscious decision to completely waste our time.......AND then to add insult to injury, they told us that they were resetting us to a lower level so that we would 'get all the new stuff' -- I don't know why anyone would do this and expect users to like it-- and I don't see any benefit that it is providing.

April 8, 2018

At level 5 for me, "la" replaced "la manzana" in some of the sentences. That's relatively advanced for Basics 1.

April 8, 2018

The Basics 1 French lesson did start asking me about the difference between "es" and "et" for me at a higher crown level, which is conceivably more challenging for beginners.

Out of curiosity, I also tried getting to 5 crowns at a French skill about halfway down the tree: Irregular Plurals. (Yes, I'm aware that this is not the intended way to use crowns.) My experience is that there's about one new phrase per lesson that I haven't seen before, in addition to lots of phrases that repeat every time.

So some amount of variety does appear, eventually.

April 8, 2018

I took French Skills 1 to Level 5, I did not notice an increase in difficulty, but maybe there was some. I'm still on the French 2.0 tree, maybe the 3.0 tree has a more discernible increase.

April 8, 2018

I tried Basics1 in French. Nothing special. Eternal and boring repetition of the same phrases in different forms of questions. Some phrases are two phrases stuck to become longer. BUT what it "kills" me is BOREDOM!!! It is like Duolingo wants us to repeat it without thinking. And if it is so, it works. I repeat without thinking! Sometimes feel like a robot :) or my dog who barks everytime he is preparing for a walk, he used to since he was a puppy :)

April 8, 2018
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