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  5. "I speak Federation Standard."

"I speak Federation Standard."

Translation:DIvI' Hol vIjatlh.

April 8, 2018



I wrote, "DIvI' Hol jijatlh" and it was accepted as correct. Wouldn't it be incorrect? Since ji- is only for object-less actions?
I'm not sure how to report, "My answer should NOT have been accepted." ;)


I'm guessing that it was accepted with a typo warning, because jIjatlh and vIjatlh are only one letter off, and a one-letter mistake is usually allowed through.

However, if the one-letter mistake results in another valid word, it should be rejected, and jIjatlh exists as a word... but I'm not sure how to tell Duolingo's marking algorithm that.

You're right that it would have been best to reject it but I don't know how to make that happen.

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