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el sarten, la sarten, el refrigerador, la refrigeradora

This is confusing! I read somewhere that sarten is masc in some uses, and fem in other uses. What about refrigerador/a? Are there other words that also changes gender?

Apologies for not using the accent in sarten, I'm not sure how to do that.

April 8, 2018



Wiktionary prepends 'refrigeradora' with '(Latin America) ', so presumably the masculine word is the Spanish Spanish term. The reverse appears to be the case with 'sartén'.


Ah! Gracias!


English Wiktionary is wrong, "refrigerador" is common and, maybe, "refigeradora" is used in some parts of America but I haven't heard it. In Spanish Wiktionary only appears "refrigeradora" as adjective, the form I know.

"Sartén" can be masculine is some parts fo South America according to en.wiktionary.


"Sartén" can be either masculine or feminine depending on country. I'm from Chile and it can be both, even in the same speaker, but in my dialect is masculine.

"Refrigerador" is generally masculine, the feminine form is an adjective ("refrigerant", referring to faciities). It seems like there are some countries where is used "refrigeradora" as noun, Central America?

There a list of "sartén like" nouns in Wikcionario. Sometimes a change of gender implies a change of meaning, like in "el cometa" (the comet) and "la cometa" (the kite) or "el cólera" (cholera) and "la cólera" (the anger).


Thank you for that link! Es muy útil!


Thank you everyone for your comments! This has been very educational for me :)

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