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Feedback for Developers in new Crown System

A week ago I really enjoyed the change of the French Tree. You added some much needed skills that were never properly explained in the old Tree.

Seeing that the change in the tree was so positive I did not hesitate to upgrade to the new Crown system. However, I immediate wish that I could return to the previous system. I normally utilize DUOLINGO on the iphone but with the implementation of the Crown System and the Health System I can no longer review the lessons that I am struggling with. I get 5 chances before I am kicked out of the lesson and no way to go back in a practice. In the old system you could go back and review portions of the lessons that were required to turn the Lesson gold. Now however, with the new Crown system there is no way to practice anymore....5 wrong answers and you are done for that lesson. And the Practice bar just takes you back to pretty much random questions and words that have nothing to do necessarily with the problem areas.

The decay that you had in place in the old lessons was a brilliant idea. Since I do not live in a French speaking country and there is so much to learn the decay was a very good way a helping me identify what skills I needed to reinforce. But now that Crowns no longer decay is sending out the wrong message to people studying languages. I have seen so many post from people saying that "I already mastered a skill and don't need to repeat it" is a naive way of looking at learning language. People need to reinforce skills, and in learning a new language that means go over lessons that maybe they have not done for a while. It showed me my problem areas and I could always go back and do the lessons more times to strengthen some details that I forgot.

But now I can no longer do that...especially on the mobile app...which frankly now has become very user unfriendly. Please bring back some way for users to practice a lesson without having to worry about the Health bar...which was more for progressing in lessons...now it just prevents people from learning too.

April 8, 2018



I agree with your comment.

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