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"Tomorrow is my favorite game."

Translation:Mañana es mi partido favorito.

5 months ago



'My favourite game is on tomorrow' would be correct. What is given is incorrect

4 months ago

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Mañana es mi juego favorito = "Tomorrow is my favorite game" or "My favorite game is tomorrow" This is what you would say if there is a local game that you could go watch.

If you say "My favorite game is ON tomorrow" than you are changing the meaning to only being on tv/radio/internet...

3 days ago


...give me some help on this one: "tomorrow" is a game? (sarcasm ) -- after dealing with "la" being translated as "your" I had to comment -- my colleague would ask what "game?"

5 months ago


since you can not progress until you get it right try mi partido favorito es mañana. it worked for me.

1 month ago


Choice of block words. I used Favorita only to be informed i had a typo and i should of used Favorito. Wich wasnt in the word blocks.

1 month ago