"Tomorrow is my favorite game."

Translation:Mañana es mi partido favorito.

9 months ago



...give me some help on this one: "tomorrow" is a game? (sarcasm ) -- after dealing with "la" being translated as "your" I had to comment -- my colleague would ask what "game?"

9 months ago


'My favourite game is on tomorrow' would be correct. What is given is incorrect

8 months ago

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Mañana es mi juego favorito = "Tomorrow is my favorite game" or "My favorite game is tomorrow" This is what you would say if there is a local game that you could go watch.

If you say "My favorite game is ON tomorrow" than you are changing the meaning to only being on tv/radio/internet...

3 months ago


since you can not progress until you get it right try mi partido favorito es mañana. it worked for me.

5 months ago


What’s the difference favorito and favorita? I’m confused

3 months ago

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Adjectives must match gender (and number) with the nouns they modify.

In this case, 'favorito' is modifying 'partido' or 'juego'.

Note that this rule does not apply to adverbs (which are sort of like adjectives, but for verbs instead of nouns). Which is why it's important to understand what part of speech a given word is.

3 months ago


So, what us wrong with saying, mi partida favorita es mañana????

2 months ago


Why "divertida semana" but not but not "favorito partido". I thought quality was before the noun, and description was after the noun.

1 month ago


I thought about entering “mañana es mi partido favorito,” but decided to go with “mi partido favorito es la mañana,” which was marked wrong.

Was that truly wrong, and if so, what’s wrong with it? Or is that an acceptable translation and a valid syntax, just not in the Duolingo database? (I didn’t want to try “mi partido favorito es mañana” because “mañana” is not a game.”

1 month ago
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