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  5. "I want you to buy that."

"I want you to buy that."

Translation:Je veux que vous achetiez ça.

April 8, 2018



Duolingo insists on using "Je veux que vous achetiez ça." "cela" is not accepted !


Duo insists that we use the "vous" form rather than "tu" form, so I am not even sure what the correct statement would be using "tu." Can someone enlighten me? :)


Je veux que tu achètes ça.


Or Je veux que tu l'achètes. but somehow Duolingo does not accept it.


Why doesn't Duolingo accept Je veux que tu l'achètes.? Reported 18/11/2018.


I'm not understanding why "I want you to buy that." can't be translated as "Je te veux acheter cela." I'm trying to wrap my head around the grammar but in English it sounds like this is basically "I want that you buy that." But it's not clear to me why that's necessary/important.


To want someone else to do something requires the subjunctive:



Just an abstract rule or is there a structural reason for it? Just the way it's done?

Also for some reason it doesn't like the tu form is there a reason for that?


It is a grammatical rule that is set in stone as far as I know.

It should also accept Je veux que tu achètes ça → the "tu" form of the subjunctive is the same as the present indicative in this case.


Yeah, then it wasn't accepting the tu form when I tried it about 6 times last night. I reported it.


"I want you to buy that" is a construction that only works in the English language as far as I know. In all the other languages I studied, "I want that you buy that" or a similar wording will be used.


Right. I wasn't really taking exception to the direct translation. Just more expressing my overall confusion with why it had to be done that way.


How would i use "Tu" here?


Je veux que tu achetes ça.

Je pense...

Reverso has a nice little guide for how to conjugate every verb in all of it`s forms: http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-french.html


I think that's correct too, but Duo doesn't seem to agree. It's insisting that we use the vous form


I was marked wrong for "Je veux que tu achètes ça"!


Me too. Reported it.

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