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"Les deux coccinelles prennent leur déjeuner dans le jardin."

Translation:The two ladybugs are having their lunch in the garden.

April 8, 2018



What's wrong with saying "take their lunch" it's a particularly nice way of saying it for ladybugs.


What is a ladybug? I put ladybird and it was accepted. Is a ladybug an American ladybird?


I didn't know what a ladybird was; so I had to look it up. Apparently it's the British version of the American ladybug. The interesting things you learn about English while studying French.


I think you'll find 'ladybug' is the American version of the original English 'ladybird'. Just saying.


'bird' was too confusing.


And in case you hadn't realised, une Coccinelle is also a Beetle (when it's built by VW). :)


I agree that take their lunch is not incorrect


I also was marked wrong for take their lunch and don't think it should have been.

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Since ladybugs eat other insects, their lunch in the garden would be quite gruesome.


Is it pronounced "cox-inell" or "coss-inell"?


I like the mental image of the two colourful ladybugs having their lunch in the garden. In my world we HAVE food/coffee/a drink/a meal. I respect the fact that Americans seem to take them but i have them.


I believe that would have simply been a literal translation from the French sentence, since the French sentence literally says "Two ladybugs take their lunch in the garden." (prennent < prendre: to take). As far as I know, Americans also have their lunch.


take their lunch in the garden means the same thing!


"The two ladybugs take their lunch in the garden." seems the best translation to me.

I would go so far as to say that "are having" is just wrong. See https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/french-english/prendre


Note from a native speaker: Prendre son déjeuner is often used in france for Having breakfast, although the exact expression should be Prendre son petit déjeuner. For Having lunch, we d rather say: déjeuner.
You will often hear Le "p´tit déj"= the breakfast.
Dé Jeuner literally means to Un fast.


Awesome sentence!


Because "lunch* is not plural. You match the possessive to the noun it goes with.

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