"We have hot soup."

Translation:Nous prenons une soupe chaude.

April 8, 2018

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Why is it "une" and not "de" or even "la" ?


I wondered that, too, but Duo took "Nous avons de la soupe chaude." The way the English sentence is written makes me expect to use the partitive, not the indefinite article. Maybe idiomatically, "a soup" is normal in French, just like how we might say "a coffee" or "a tea."


'Nous avons' isn't right here?


yeah i did the same thing you did at first... but i guess the context is that the people in the example are consuming the soup, not possessing it. Therefore, we have to use "prendre" to describe them consuming it. I don't know if there's any other way to tell these kinds of things other than just the context they are in.


That seems reasonable, though it just accepted "Nous avons de la soupe chaude."


But we weren't given any context!


To be honest, seeing the English translation of the French sentence, it sounds kind of wrong since 'We have hot soup' sounds like you're possessing it, instead of eating it; I think that "We're having a hot soup' would be better, at least for the translation. And regarding your question more, "Nous avons une soupe chaude' would - yes - express possession i.e. you have a hot soup, but you're not necessarily consuming it.


If Duo meant to say "we're having soup - we're consuming soup," wouldn't "nous mangeons" be more acceptable? Why wouldn't Duo ask "we're taking in hot soup" so we may be more prone to say "prenons?"


It just accepted "Nous avons une soupe chaude.", so they seem to have amended this translation!


It seems to me that "we are having... " would be a more natural english for this sense of nous prenons.


Yes, absolutely. If Duo wanted the French translation to be 'Nous prenons une soupe chaude", the english sentence should have been, "We are taking hot soup" or even, "We are having hot soup."


Because, I suppose, You 're only having a soup; not sure how it works/would work with "de la" sadly. And also because "soupe" is a feminine noun ;d


"a" hot soup seems weird w/ "we have" unless they share a bowl


Noud avons la soupe chaude


Nous prenons la soupe chaude

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