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Lessons' theory (tips and notes) on mobile.

Hello, I know that this topic has been posted a few times already, but the newest ones are at least couple months old and hasn't been properly addressed. I've been using Duolingo for a long time already and have been switching between webpage and app to learn the theory.

Recently I've been traveling by planes a lot, so I decided to buy the plus version as it was advertised to have the lessons available offline. Now I know I assumed incorrectly that the theory on mobile is available behind the pay wall - it is not. I can only predownload exercises and now with the crown lay out I can't even access specific parts of lessons and don't have preview of words in said exercises what was a really good review for me and now I don't know which skills have decayed and require repetition.

To be honest I feel a little bit cheated at the moment and if these problems aren't addressed properly I don't think I will support duolingo next year.

Best regards Andy

April 8, 2018


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