"Where is his shoe?"

Translation:Wo ist sein Schuh?

April 8, 2018



Why not akkusative?

April 8, 2018


sein and other verbs such as bleiben, werden, ... which join a subject and an attribute of the subject use the nominative:

Es ist ein Mensch.
Er wird Vater.
Sie bleibt weiterhin Kanzlerin bis zum Ende der Regierungszeit.

April 8, 2018


Well, sorta. Really, it's nominative here because sein Schuh is the subject. The W-Fragewort "wo" is not a replacement for the subject. So, although you're right about sein and werden (and I'd never really thought about bleiben that way, but I guess I can't think of a time where it would take a direct object), that's not really why sein Schuh is not accusative in this case.

It's nominative because it's the subject. Turn it around and think of it this way: Sein Schuh ist wo? Sein Schuh ist unter dem Tisch. Sein Schuh ist neben der Tür. Sein Schuh ist ganz verloren.

Or at least, that's my opinion. I see you've done an insane amount of work in many languages, so you may very well know better than I. :)

April 11, 2018
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