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Ich mag nicht den Winter (or) ich mag den Winter nicht ?

which is correct sentence

  1. Ich mag nicht den Winter

  2. ich mag den Winter nicht

April 8, 2018



If you want to negate the object, put the nicht in front of the object (ex. 1)

If you want to negate the verb, put the nicht at the end, along with all other non-conjugated parts of the verb (ex. 2)

Now, if you want to sound natural, you wouldn't ever use example 1, unless you're being poetic, or there's a reason you want to negate specifically the object. For example, you could say "Ich mag nicht den Winter, sondern den Sommer", as HirundoPrima put it.


When using sondern, could you still say "Ich mag den Winter nicht, sondern den Sommer" or do you have to but nicht before "den Winter"?


to me, that sounds just a bit off. If you use nicht ... sondern that way, it sounds like you want to negate the verb mögen and replace it with another one. For example

Ich mag den Winter nicht, sondern ich hasse ihn

But people probably wouldn't look at you funny if you said it the way you proposed.


Thanks for the answer! :)


But if you want to state that you like something else instead it's: Ich mag nicht den Winter, sondern den Sommer.


As a native speaker, I would say only 2. sounds correct "ich mag den Winter nicht". The other one sounds strange.

If you want to emphasize that you don't like winter (but like other seasons) you'd rather say "Ich mag die meisten Jahresheiten, aber ich mag keinen Winter".

Works same way with other nouns: E.g. - Ich mag Erdbeeren nicht. / Ich mag keine Erdbeeren. - Ich mag Kinder nicht. / Ich mag keine Kinder.


hi Mia797420, so, do you mean that below sentence is also correct?

Ich gehe zur Schule nicht

But i am reading somewhere written as ich gehe nicht zur Schule.


here you have to use "Ich gehe nicht zur Schule"


Thanks Hannibal-Barkas.....then what is difference between these 2 sentence? and why word "nicht" is changing the place?

  1. ich mag den Winter nicht.

  2. Ich gehe nicht zur Schule


As a native I'd say it's different kinds of objects and therefore a different placement. den Winter. Winter is a direct object, where nicht is in the end, but zur Schule has an adverb where the negation needs to be in front of. Like: I don't like -- winter and I don't go TO school

hope that this makes as much sense as it made in my head...


it is the same that Paralars1 explained earlier. one is the form you use in every day conversation one would be the poetic form. for some unknown reason however it is the other way around in this case.

ich mag den Winter nicht (normal)

ich mag nicht den Winter (poetic)

ich gehe nicht zur Schule (normal)

ich geh zur Schule nicht (one of many poetic options)


Ich mag nicht den Winter

zu kalt ist er mir

zu weiß und zu grau

viel lieber den Frühling

wo Blümelein blühen

und Vögelein singen

doch lieb ich den Sommer

noch mehr als den Frühling

wo Sonne und Wärme

das Herze erfreuen

und auch des Herbstes Farbenspiel

schleicht sich ins Herze mir

wenn bunte Blätter fallen

und die Winde kühler wehen


German is not my native language, so please, correct me if I am mistaken, but I think both are correct.

In the first you emphasize the fact of not liking it. "Do you like Winter?" "No, I do not like it."

In the other you emphasize, that it is not Winter you like. "Do you like Winter?" "Winter I do not like, however, I really like Summer..."


like paralars1 wrote, the first one sounds poetic, only the second one is correct.


Mir gefaelt's auch nicht.

Zu verdamt kalt!


thank you all

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