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French movies??

hi everyone :)

its been a while since i started learning french but i've made no process in speaking. i've learned english from watching movies and i know how much help it can be. so if you know any series or movies that you think would be helpful for learning french i'll be super grateful if you let me know <3

April 8, 2018



Amelie is super sweet, charming magical movie! I would start with Rue Sesame, french sesame street and Mofy en francais (beautiful animation!) are both great shows for beginners. Téléfrançais is also on youtube now, though it might give you nightmares of pinapples for the rest of your life. Extra en français is a sort of friends style sitcom made for beginner/intermediats. Last but not least Ladybug et Chat Noir is an amazing animated series set in Paris!


thank you so much for movies and pineapple nightmare :))


La Haine 1995.

Tbh I haven’t seen many and that’s the only one I remember.

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