"Es ist nicht möglich, es so zu tun."

Translation:It is not possible to do it that way.

April 8, 2018

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I'm not native speaker, but "so" means "that way". For example "Und so ist/es ist so" means "and that how it is"


I don't understand what purpose the word 'so' has in the latter part of this sentence. Can anyone point it out for me please? any help would be much appreciated!


What's is the meaning of tun? Is it "do"?


I see the correct answer, but the correction banner partialy obcures my response. However, I am sure I am right, listening to the words. This really sucks. Please fix this..... And see if something can be done about the corection banner obcuring the student responses. This prevents progress and is discouraging. For now, I will just have to skip this lesson because I cannot move forward, even though I have nearly completed this section.


Is it ok if we say " It is not possible to do it so"


I think so. I see, however, you're now much more seasoned in German. If you could pass on if you now know, that would be nice.

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