Suggested improvements of Crown system

The new Crown system in Duolingo has been received very negatively. I fully understand why and here I have a few suggestions for improvements. I should mention that I am a Swede doing Portuguese from English, so I have the problems of not working in my own language.

A. Let us have the list of new words. In the old system, we always got a list of the new words that we would meet in the new lesson. That meant that I could note them in my glossary and look them up in my Portuguese-to-Swedish dictionary before starting with the new lesson. Now I cannot do this anymore. This is very negative, especially for me not working from my native language.

B. Let us repeat lessons. The first time you do a lesson, you are occupied with understanding the new words. They do not stick in your memory. When you repeat the lesson, the new words stick much better. So many people do lessons twice for this reason. I can understand that Duolingo is afraid that some people will do simple lessons time and time again, just to earn XPs. But this could be easily solved. Give 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, XPS, when someone does a lesson for the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth and following times. This way, it will not be worth it repeating lessons to earn XPs.

C. Let the practice button earn Crown points. My routine has been to do one or more repeats of old lessons by clicking the Practice button and letting Duolingo recommend the best section to practice. Now, doing this does not give me any Crown points, while if I choose the same section manually and repeated the same words, I would get Crown points. Very strange

D. Improve the translation of points from the old to the new system. I have over my time with Duolingo done 66 phrases with “menino”, 90 with “menina”, 73 with “mulher” and 51 with “homem”, most of them many times. Still the translation of points gave me only 2 crowns for Basics 1 and Duolingo thinks that I should redo these words time and time again in order to get a full credit for Basic 1.

I think that by reassessing these four points, Duolingo would make its users much happier and would stand at much less risk of losing users to competing platforms.

April 8, 2018

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Nice suggestions, I have a similar post:

Some slight differences, but I like yours too

April 8, 2018
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