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  5. "new big girl"

"new big girl"

Translation:nové velké děvče

April 8, 2018



Is there any difference in meaning or connotation between holka and děvče? When would you choose one word of the other?


Many, many, many other people have asked this before. You can search the forum. Start here https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27749621/So-many-different-ways-of-saying-things-hoch-kluk-chlapec


Thanks, I didn't even realize there was a forum. That's good to know!


Why is "holka" not acceptable here?


It is, accepted. Youmust tell us what exactly you tried, but holka is accepted here. Please always tell us the exact sentence you answered. Only then we can tell more.


I wrote "nové velké holka"


nové velké is only used for the neuter gender. Holka is feminine. It must be nová velká holka.


I think the point in this, the neuter section, they want you to pick the neuter form of the word “girl” - “děvče”


Is there a standard order for types of adjectives in Czech like there is in English? I.e. is 'nové velké' or 'velké nové' better in a sentence like this? Or are both options generally acceptable?

[For the English order, you can see something like: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/grammar/british-grammar/adjectives-order]


The order in Czech follows how tightly they are bound to the noun. Is it a big car that happens to be new? nové velké auto Is it a new car that happens to be big? velké nové auto Often they are on the same level and then you can choose what sounds better and that is hard to describe.

I have many cars, I divide them between small and big ones and I buy another big one. It is nové velké auto.

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