"Was your cat allowed in the bedroom?"

Translation:Směla vaše kočka do ložnice?

April 8, 2018

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Does "směla" have to come first (or is it much more natural if it comes first)? "Vaše kočka směla do ložnice" gets marked wrong.


Well it is not wrong per se, but it is the equivalent of the English affirmative word order:

"Your cat was allowed in the bedroom?"

It is not a normal question word order, it is something you use when surprised.

I am not sure if we can accept this word order for normal questions, it can be confusing.


Can I also say ''Směla tvá kočka být v ložnici''? or does it sound unnatural?


It is natural, but a slightly different sentence.

[deactivated user]

    It's the singular your instead of plural your, but with no context each is an equally valid translation of the English sentence


    Yes, either the singular/formal or plural form of the possessive pronoun could be used. But I think the OP's point is nicely addressed in VladaFu's reply: The suggested sentence is not quite the same sentence as the one in this exercise.

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