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I'm on Crowns now. Is there any new material in the Spanish tree?

A recent Crown FAQ mentioned "a layer of depth". Does this imply new material has been added to the lessons or have they just segmented the old material and changed the user interface?

April 8, 2018



I was a beta tester of the new Spanish tree for several weeks before I was switched over to crowns a couple days ago.

New skills were added and existing skills were re-organized so that most skills had only four lessons in them. There were maybe 20% new sentences.

There were many problems with those new sentences, chiefly that correct answers were being marked wrong. Less often Duolingo required an answer that was incorrect. The discussion pages for those sentences are thick with complaints about the new material. Some, but not all, of these problems have been fixed.

There was a small amount of new vocabulary, such as "buho" (owl) and "tenedor" (fork). It started using "usar" instead of "llevar" for "wear", "marrón" instead of "café" for "brown", "carro" instead of "coche" for "car" and "sándwich" instead of "emparedado" for "sandwich".

This new material is now part of everybody''s crowns tree.


Er, I was switched over to the new Crowns system a couple of days ago, but am pretty sure I did not get the new version of the Spanish tree, which, I hear, has a considerably larger number of skills. I think I would have noticed in the length of the tree had pretty much doubled overnight. I also, presumably would have fewer skills with three crowns, if the content had been seriously augmented.

I am looking forward to getting the new tree in the future.


If your English-to-Spanish tree has 108 skills, you have the new material. If not, I was wrong, and the new tree is still in beta test.

You don't have to count the skills yourself. Go to "https://www.duolingo.eu/b05aplmun.ca/progress" when English-to-Spanish is selected and your skill count appears to the right of the graph. Right now you have Spanish-to-Catalan selected, so I can't get the English-to-Spanish skill count for you.

  1. Thanks for the info on how to check that easily.


Hay muchos nuevas orraciónes/phrases. Soy nivel 25 como tú, y he encontrado que yo cometa mas errores con esta version de Duolingo. Puedo practicar con más profundo ejemplos , por lo tanto, voy a mejorar mi español....


Thank you for your comments. / Gracias por sus comentarios.

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