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I HATE the crowns!

I've been working my way through the Duolingo languages. I'm very goal oriented and once I reach the end of a language, I go back and review so I can "deepen" my familiarity. I was so close to the end of French, and now it seems so far away again. Dang!!!!!! Very discouraging. I'm also pretty advanced in the Portuguese language and was using Duolingo to review and keep fairly fluent. I don't need review in the basics. Thank goodness I completed Spanish and Italian already. You should rethink the crowns. Maybe you think you're increasing our skill level, but think about us goal oriented people who now frustrated with your website. I like being able to move through the languages in my own time frame, and I also like the sense of completion each time I finish a skill. It's going to take me forever to complete French now. So, so, bummed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 8, 2018



Me too. This is super-annoying.

Annoyance #1: Bring back our "fluency" ratings! Or at least give us the option of going back to those ratings.

Now it's harder to navigate. Previously, I could see at a glance how far I'd gotten because the sections I'd completed were all the same beige color. Now I have to remember where I left off.

Don't do this, Duolingo!

I understand the wish and the drive to continually improve, but add the new as an option, not a replacement for what worked for many of us...

Annoyance #2: No notification that things were going to change!! Why not just beta it with volunteers? You could have asked for several hundred volunteers for a PROPOSED new "Crowns" system -- I would have volunteered -- and tested it with them rather than just dropping this on us.

Not impressed. And I have absolutely adored Duolingo up to now. I may now look at Babbel or something else.


Honestly, this new system is absolute bullocks. Even if you were a total newbie to a tree, doing basics a million times before you get gold is absolute mental death. I had gotten pretty far in my French tree as well, and liked how you could keep a lot of them gold by doing more advanced exercises, but now, to keep anything gold, I have to start from the darn beginning. And it's not something you can just complete in a day. It will takes days and days to get down the tree with 5 gold crowns, because for some reason they've decided to include anywhere between 20-60 exercises for just one skill. And sure, we could just 'skip', but I don't even remember which ones I was working with before, as they've added many new ones, and considering they don't have the practice bar to indicate how far we were with the skills, I'm just lost. And I'm a completionist. The point is to make the tree golden, but it's now no longer fun, just... brain frying.

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