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My approach to the Crowns system (day 3)

I have been trying hard to keep my tree gold. However, I do not hate Crowns (yet). Here is my approach:

I have been regularly doing about 80-100 XP per day to keep my tree gold and learn new skills. I started when they introduced the additions to the tree about 6 months ago with this aggressive XP goal. I do not hate the Crowns, but they have flaws. Here is how I have been setting my days up since the Crowns were introduced.

(1) Start with 2 rounds of timed practice. This is necessary to practice more difficult skills, and still works fine. I do not like the fact that practice does not contribute to Crowns. This is odd. It feels like it should have an impact.

(2) Move on to 2 rounds of a new skill. I am still not through my tree.

(3) Do 3 rounds of two or three early skills that need to "get up" to five crowns. My approach is not to binge any one skill: I do not want to try to get to fourth or fifth Crowns in a day on any one skill. It is too boring.

This method will take time. One thing I don't like is how much time it will take to get up to the fifth Crown this way, but I cannot binge any one skill.

Y ahora en español con muchas problemas.

Yo he intentado con mucha dificultad completar mi árbol de español. Usualmente, yo completo ochenta o cien puntas por día hasta las seis meses pasado. No odio las coronas, pero hay algunas problemas con las coronas. Aquí es como yo practico desde las coronas fueron introducido :

(1) Uso la "práctica" parte por dos lecciones con la temporizador. Es necesaria practicar las más difíciles lecciones

(2) Aprendo dos nuevas lecciones en una nueva habilidad.

(3) Regreso a una habilidad a la empieza del árbol y hago dos lecciones de uno o dos habilidades (cada). Yo no quiero obtener corona numero cuatro o cinco en un día porque es más aburriendo practicar la misma habilidad otra vez y otra vez. Mi problema es que este programa yo he empezado es va a requerir mucho tiempo.

I hope that Spanish wasn't too clunky!

April 8, 2018



Wow. I reached the same approach yesterday. I will do 3 times practices, 3 early units and 3 new units, around 120-100XP


I am waaaaaaaaaaay to lazy to do that many units in a day!


I found myself doing a lot more XP per day when they added several lessons to the tree. Now it is very much a habit. But everyone is at their own pace!

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