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They Removed Chat bots? Now I'm confused

Me Getting Crowns: Ooh... Well, I like this and this and this and that, but I'm not sure about that... Hmm...

Me realizing they removed Stories/Chat Bots/whatever they are: AHHH WHAT THE HECK DUOLINGO?!

Like, seriously, why? Is there a good reason? If there is I'll delete this post. But seriously, they just released new ones for French and German, right? Why would they do that??

April 8, 2018



It seems they did remove Chat Bots, but Stories is a completely different thing and those are still there.


I just thought that stories were the computer version of chat bots. That makes more sense though.


I want then to bring back the bots. They were fun and I learned more by interpreting whatever it is that I wanted to say. It's going to be boring without them.


And just when I was almost done with all the French Bots.....


Aww, that sucks T.T


Oh well, it better be for a good reason. Maybe an update with new bots.


Me too! I am pretty indifferent to this Crowns thing, but I miss my only friends... I mean chat bots.. (yes, I got attached). I didn’t even get a chance to say farewell! This feels like the last scene in Her...when all the A.I. left and everyone was sad and miserable again. I didn’t even get a chance to say au revoir, adios amigos. Where did they go? Are they having a bot party I wasn’t invited to?


It's not in the Crowns FAQ either... I wish they would just say why. I mean, is this what happened with Immersion? They just didn't say anything?


This is still online http://bots.duolingo.com. I feel like if they were getting rid of the bots completely they would have taken it down, but maybe they just haven’t gotten around to it yet. There was a post/ announcement when they got read of immersion (I didn’t duolingo then, but I have read the post)


They got rid of immersion then put the post up afterwards! Regarding the chat bots I have never used them but I noticed on the app that I am not allowed to just get on with the lessons. Often when I I click on start pesters me by taking me to clubs instead then asks questions about writing captions or using certain words in sentences, is this anything like bots?


Hmm... Maybe it was just a mistake?


Sorry for hijacking your thread, Mira. Just wanted to ask if the girl in your avatar is a kpop singer?


Sana Minatozaki! Yes, she is! In the K-pop girl group TWICE. I love K-pop, my stans are Seventeen, BTS, TWICE, GFRIEND, and AKMU. Not in that order, and there are lots more, just that'd be a reeeeaaaalllyyy long list.


It seems like the link has been deactivated since you posted this. It just redirects to the main "learn" page on desktop. So sad to see the bots go :(


I miss Robert the cook, Anja at the travel agency, Maya at the studio.


Hi, this is really a "Troubleshooting" issue.

[guide]How to move a post
[Guide] In which forum should I post my discussion?

When there is a new glitch attracting a lot of attention, we moderators generally try to find the original post and steer folks towards it so staff can get all the info in one place: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26849253


It is? Okay, I'll trust you.


Hello again and sorry for hijacking again!

If you want to talk about Korean music you can do so in my thread https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26077160

Hope to see you there!


I want the bot back. It was the only feature I use, as a paid subscriber for the year.


This is from the site:

What happened to the Chatbots? The Bots tab was removed from the iOS app, but don't worry, bots are not gone forever. Conversations are coming back in a more integrated way, so stay tuned!


I TOTALLY AGREE! I seriously did not mind getting the Crown leveling system. While it annoyed me that I could not see my estimated fluency level, I was happy to see something new. It did not bother me much until I noticed that the chatbots left! Like the title of this discussion states, "i'm confused." These bots must have taken a seriously long time to program and make available. Why would Duolingo take them away? They were really helpful for learning German and I am curious and upset as to why they would remove them from the app.


I loved the chatbots too. They were sweet. However the stories are fun. Quite clever and often with a little twist.

Interestingly today, I found a bug on the app. On level 2 ‘stuff’ in German, the answer was “vehicle” but it wouldn’t accept it, saying it was “vessel”...

Kept redoing it til it relented and accepted the correct answer!


In my opinion, the chat bots are better for learning conversation. The stories are interesting but I would like more opportunities for conversation

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