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Hidden Links of Duolingo - And how to counter some of the Crowns frustration

Hi friends

So I found some some URLs that allow me to access some interesting areas of Duolingo that I can't reach from the UI, esp. after the Crowns update. Some of these address some of the problems I had and have seen others having due to the Crowns update.

A part of this comes from the wisdom and discovery of other users that I learned about on the forum and liked - so Thank You to them. I am including them here to put it all together in one place.

I was doing Japanese from English so the links below use examples from that. Try these after appropriate changes for your "Language under study":

  1. Access the individual lesson preview like the "Golden Tree era" of Duolingo: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ja/Hiragana-1/

(basically of the format - https://www.duolingo.com/skill/"Language code"/"Lesson Name")

Note: After the Crowns update, Duolingo somehow doesn't care about which lesson number you click in above link, it will give you what its Crowns Algorithm wants you to have for that lesson...

  1. Test Out button for a lesson: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ja/Hiragana-1/test

  2. Timed and Un-timed Practice page for Individual Lessons: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ja/Hiragana-1/practice

  3. Tips and notes of a lesson: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ja/Hiragana-1/tips-and-notes

  4. Your progress summary and list of Golden Skills, etc: https://www.duolingo.eu/Username https://www.duolingo.eu/Username/progress

  5. If you want to really see the Golden tree on your homepage - this is an easy way (although it is not permanent - you will have to repeat it every time in a freshly opened tab):

Hit F12 or equivalent way to access Browser console for current tab, and enter duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"] in the console

If you have found or do find other such useful and interesting URLs, please add them in the comments of this thread so that we have all such links in one place. If it is not there already, I suggest creating another such thread for the various interesting userscripts floating around so that they too can be in one place.

Another interesting behavior I saw sometimes happen is that for "English from other languages" kind of courses, the display language sometimes stays when I switch back to a "Language from English" course - suggesting that there should be a way to change Duo's display language easily that would allow you to study any Language tree while Displaying it in any language you want which has a reverse tree available. If anyone has any inkling on how to do that, please share.

Anyways, sorry for a long post. Hope you find this Useful. Thanks and have fun learning!

Edit 1: Check Edit 4 below

Edit 2: Found another interesting one - Checkpoint tests - if you want to repeat them for fun - again, not checked to completion of the checkpoint test - https://www.duolingo.com/bigtest/ja/1 (https://www.duolingo.com/bigtest/"Current Language code"/"Checkpoint number")

Edit 3: Moved to point 6 above. [Source for this edit: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23244651/Where-did-the-language-quizes-go]

Edit 1 & 4: Sorry ppl, the re-placement thing doesn't work. I made a mistake by testing it on a new language I added which gave an illusion that it was working and I got excited....:p (Original Edit: Oh... found another thing... forgot to take placement test and want to do it now? Try this: https://www.duolingo.com/placement/ja.)

April 8, 2018



Ooh, that placement test idea is interesting. While I was writing that other post, I was actually thinking about how there's probably an address for the placement test.

You could just make a new account to test stuff like I do. I have seven Duolingo accounts, and testmoogle isn't even my main one (though it is the only one I really post on). ^^


I tested it myself too. The links for the placement test, checkpoint tests, and testing out of individual skills all work completely fine. However, these features only work under the same circumstances where they would normally be used.

The placement test link works, as long as you haven't already started the tree.

The checkpoint test links work, as long as you haven't already gone past that specific checkpoint.

Testing out of individual skills works, as long as you haven't already completed all the lessons in that skill.

You reach crown level 1 by completing all the lessons in the skill. So it only works for skills that you haven't earned any crowns for yet (crown level 0). Once you successfully "test out" of an individual skill, then it takes you to crown level 1 for that skill and lets you proceed onwards to the next skill (the same as testing out used to do).


These links will not work for me and basically take me to my cover page of current language, with crowns.


Updated: they will only work if you are actively in the language in question as your active home page at the time you enter the link. When I switch to Japanese they work just fine. There are oddities like showing only 5 of 15 lessons for Hiragana for example.


It just goes to show that not every one is happy with this Crown system. I really hope that the Duolingo team (including finance and marketing) creates a solution for this.

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Thanks so much for these very useful links! : )

Within duolingo.com, I tried every link you listed above, and all seem to work fine for my Basics-1 skill at the beginning of my Spanish for English speakers tree.

For the duolingo.eu links, these are also good summary pages, thanks for the reminder. : )

Edit: However the Placement test link did not work for me, just sending me back to my main tree.

And the Checkpoint test link did work, although on none of them, including your original links before your edits, did I complete any of the pages where the links sent me, just using the links to see what would come up. Thanks!


Yeah, placement link no longer works for me too. Seems someone at Duolingo changed something. Hmm... Will test out again after a day or too and see how it goes

Edit: Actually, turns out it was my mistake... See Edit 4


where do you made the link edits? I have had the language open, (where the website just shows duolingo.com. what do I do next? (Sorry I need "steps".... do I click to begin a lesson, and then modify the Link the the address field? If I want the test-out added, do I just add /test?

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Hi LeighAnn,
I assume you mean the Checkpoint tests, for a completed tree after changing to the recent Crown system.

I haven't tried it to completion yet, but for my Spanish tree I got into the Checkpoint test at: https://www.duolingo.com/bigtest/es/2 which was the highest Checkpoint test that actually loaded a usable page.

So for your French tree I assume you would use:
or change that last number to a higher number, since I have not tried any French on DL yet. : )

Overall any of these test outs, or check points under the new Crown system update may help with practice, and therefore will be useful in learning our languages, but trying to make the entire tree gold again, perhaps is of secondary importance.

And btw, I am just now trying these Checkpoint tests, under my new Crown update, I am not sure it really will turn any of the skills gold colored.

I did try a single skill test out, for Spanish skills Basics1, using this link:
https://www.duolingo.com/skill/es/Basics-1/test and the result was nothing except getting one lingot; it did not change any Crown level markings and therefore maybe it is not useful for Crown level progress.


it wasn't checkpoint tests...it was "test out"...where you opened a category with 5 or 6 lessons, and you could pick testing out of all of them at once....


No, it won’t make your Crown skills gold now, because Crown level 1 equals the previous Golden skill from the old system. So, get that visual out of your mind. If you have Crown level 1 throughout the tree, that equals a golden tree from the previous system. If you have skills that are not at Crown level 1, that is when you will be able to test out and up to level 1.


Hopefully this eg. will make it clearer:

For Chinese Lesson 1, select Chinese as your active language and use: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/zs/Greeting/

To access the timed/untimed practice page, modify to https://www.duolingo.com/skill/zs/Greeting/practice

To access test-out, modify to https://www.duolingo.com/skill/zs/Greeting/test

For Japanese L1, you would instead select Japanese as your active language and use: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ja/Hiragana-1/

Similarly you can generalize for other links and for other languages. Hope this helps.. :)

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Re #4- progress summary: It seems that the Duolingo team already implemented a change, or at least it was not visible before. Before, it already showed the percentage of “mastery” on the way to reach gold as well as gold for skills at 100%. Now, they’ve added the option to practice a specific topic not yet 100% and make it gold again. I tried this with one skill at 75%, did the practice and it turned gold and 100%. It did not change my crown progress, so this is really just for those users that miss their golden tree and the option to work on a particular skill.

That should make a lot of people happy!


"Test out" did not work for me. Despite getting everything right, it told me that I did not test out of any skills.


test out did not work for me either :-(


the same as you for me


given this is a work around script we are assuming is there but cannot see, it may not work everywhere. But for me (i) be in correct page for language you want to test (ii) enter web address in this format https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fr/Medical/test (iii) BUT replace fr with code for language you are working in. this may be the first two letters of the language in english, but not always e.g. for spanish it's es not sp. (iv) ALSO Medical with the name of the lesson you are trying to test out of. again you may need to experiment as it may not be exactly as on the main screen (v) press return and pray! best of luck - it definitely worked for me just now in french.


es are the first two letters for the Spanish word for Spanish “español”.

fr works not because they are the first two letters of the word French , but because they are the first two letters of the French word for French “français”


I lied! It was my fault, l was using the wrong names in the link. It does indeed work and register me as having completed that skill. Excellent! saves a lot of hassle when revising to pass one test rather than 20+. Thanks so much!


Please can you explain to everyone how to do this? It seems many people, like me, have not been able to test out, but you have. We would love to know how..... Thanks!


Make sure that the skills you want to test out of are less than crown level 1


It isn't working for me! :( Wait, what do you mean by ["^.+"]? duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"]


oohhh.. doesn't seem to work for mine (using free version, maybe this matters?) the placement and test out options are what l miss the most...


I am on free version too. It will work. I tested with Japanese and Chinese. Make sure your active Language under study is what you have modified the links for, as Dcarl1 notes in the comment. Hope this helps!


thanks! weirdly it didn't - but creating a new account gave me a placement test automatically, so that will do. but thanks so much for trying to sort me out!


Actually, it was my mistake... check Edit 4. Sorry


This is marvelous


This links just open to my new unimproved home page.


What are you talking about? I click on your links and just see the same new kindergarten-colored CROWNS tree.


If you click on a crown, you will be back in crowns. Did you try https://duome.eu/trilby16/progress
you can click on the dumbbells to practice.


comment ca va


I have 110 of these 'crowns'. What are they for and what's the point of them? I'm still confused.

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