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Akkusativ nach 'für'

we've learned that you usually have accusative after the word 'für'.

When it comes to a sentence like "Was für ein Typ ist er?", how come we don't say 'einen Typ' and use the nominative state???

April 8, 2018



This is because in this case, "für" is not a preposition (which would take the accusative indeed), but part of the idiomatic expression "was für ..." (what kind of ...).

Here's a good explanation, with examples, on canoo.net, my favorite German-grammar site: http://www.canoo.net/services/OnlineGrammar/InflectionRules/FRegeln-P/Pron-was_fuer.html?lang=en


Für wen ist der Ball? Der Ball ist für einen Typen. -> Akkusativ

In your example für does not mean to who it belongs, but the für means what is it used for or what is it good for. Was für could be changed to Welcher Typ ist er? Was für ein Wetter wird morgen?

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