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"I will definitely not miss her."

Translation:Mně chybět určitě nebude.

April 8, 2018



'Ona mi určitě nebude chybět' should be ok?


Yes , we were actually missing many valid answers here. And probably some are still missing. Feel free to report.


Určitě nebude chybět mně? And where is "her" being translated?


As always, personal pronoun subjects are ofren ommited. "Ona mi/mně..." is possible as well.

The final position of mně is possible, but be aware that is not the most common translation and it does change the meaning! It means "I will not miss her." with I being stressed very strongly. You are emphasizing that it is you who will not miss her.

"Mně chybět určitě nebude." also emphasizes the I and is more natural.

I will add your suggestion. Please use "My answer should have been accepted".


Can the verb styskat be used?


Mně se po ní určitě se stýskat nebude.

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