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I have a problem with the new French tree (under A/B test).

With the new French tree I have a problem at the level of learning.

In the old system I had finished the tree for a long time and I did repeats. Now it shows me out that I have not completed too many modules. It shows me that generally I am far behind. I have been at least 7 months behind. IN "crowns" I am lower than the level of other languages, while in French lessons I was ahead. For example, I have fewer "crowns" in French than in Spanish before I was ahead of French.

Thank you very much for your attention.

April 8, 2018



I started working on the new tree -- before all of my icons were gold. However, now none of my progress is saved. So, I cannot make any progress and I cannot continue my 890 day streak.

Is anyone else having trouble with new progress not being saved?


Keep working on the new tree. There’s a lot of new material in the new French tree, and by the time you finish it your French will be mo betta- that’s Hawaiian pigeon btw. Seriously, the new tree will grow on you.


Keep working on the new tree, there are new skills to learn with new vocabulary.

Continuez à travailler sur le nouvel arbre, il y a de nouvelles qualifications à apprendre avec le nouveau vocabulaire.


The new tree really annoyed me. If Duo can selectively rollout something then they can send an email to to warn or give a little info how things will be different. One thing I really dislike, and I ran into it before when I neglected a tree for a long time, is that skills can get so weak that that the last lessons show as undone. With the new tree I have that happening to me again. Nothing says to go back and find incomplete skills and do them. When they're weak, shouldn't practice to make the tree gold again just take care of it? Can't practice just line up the entire missing lesson and then call it complete? (If the whole skill was weak, redoing the last lesson is surely a crap way to strengthen the whole skill.) Over the weekend I finished the last skill of the new tree, but no trophy. Why was I allowed to progress to the last several rows of skills with incomplete skills behind me?

Then there's other strange things like skills that won't go gold no matter how much you practice. You have to go to that skill for it to be teed up. The sound is terrible with French. I don't hear the liaison. Many things just sound strange.


Yes, I agree, and I feel like I'm wasting so much time doing 6 lessons on basic skills. I think you need to be able to test out of skills again, so you can get on to things you don't already know.

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