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Love the New Crowns System in Spanish

I was happily surprised to see the new crowns system. I have been on a 343 day streak and wanted something more challenging, and this turned out to be that! I don't know why so many people do not seem to like it.

April 8, 2018



A mi tambien me encanta!!!!


Hello Darcy :-) I'm glad that you like the system, too. I got it two days ago, and I love it!

I think that many people think that they have been "set to zero", and that they are forced to do everything from basic, always to level 5, which is boring, of course.

I just do the skills that I feel like doing at a particular moment, and I'm happy to see my crown numbers rise.

Happy continued learning! :-)


Sorry to say we disagree. No longer possible to make same lessons over again to learn properly, before next lessons and steps. Sad, since this was a great tool. Now the repeat possibility is gone, and can not see what the lessons are about either. Hope the old system come back, or we have to find a New app.


What I am not loving is the fact that I like to use Duolingo on my iPhone and the dreaded Health is back. Today, i go one lesson in and lost all my health with a couple of mistakes and getting marked wrong with audio when I said the correct phrase. I gilded my tree at one point and was trying again until this came up. How do you get around the health problem. Ive been at this for over a year and I may be through with Duolingo if I cannot resolve this. Thanks


When the system switched a few days ago, frankly i hated it. I have completed my tree 10 times and everything was Gold. I'm still not a big fan of it but made up my mind that i would be fair and give it a chance. I have a problem that i can't seem to solve.I use both my IPhone and IPad along with the computer program. I travel a lot and complete at least 100 XP's a day using my Moble apps and then when i get home i sit a do lessons on my computer. My problem is when i complete lessons on the moble apps and then stop for a while, when i start again the moble app says that i haven't done anything for the day and also when i get home it hasn't communicated my progress to the duo-lingo program on my computer. I have to either work on my computer or i''ll lose my progress as well as my streak, which BTW is 1612 days. Is anybody else having this problem and also do you know how to solve the problem i'd appreciate your information. I'm a serious Spanish learner and have put in a lot of time and plan to continue. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.

[deactivated user]

    I'm having the same problems. I have been doing the same things that RyanRiverside suggested. It works for me.


    Good day Darcy,

    I totally agree with you. Personally, I like the crown system better than the previous one. I find with this system, instead of moving one fast and carrying some weaknesses that cumulates over time, you can repeat each lesson by increasing your level. I just being shifted to the crown system and willingly decided to start from the beginning and reinforce my base.

    Maybe people are resistant to change but in my opinion with the new system it is much more helpful over the long run.


    It's a shame that you virtually have to start from the beginning again just to get to the point you were at before


    I hate it. that is a fact.

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