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Capitals letters give some of the exercises away

Has anyone noticed that when you have to pick the words for a list the one with the capital letter gives away its position at the start of the sentence?

It isn't critical, but it's a clue that probably should be there, as it isn't something that you would get as a clue in the real world. It's probably hard to change as it would require the display engine to be updated, but it's probably something that should be looked at as it really is a bug.

April 8, 2018



Okay, if you are a beginner it may be good to learn the basics and to get a good foundation, but later on in the course it won't help.

Clicking on the words just makes it way too easy for all of us, typing the words helps with the spelling and sticks it into memory, most of us on Duolingo like a challenge!!


I agree. I find the new word bank to be way too easy, so I always switch to keyboard.


Apr. 10, 2018 Yes, I noticed that AdamTrickett. There should be at least a couple of words with caps, which are possible choices. Also we need closer choices, such as estos and esos, soy and estoy, yesterday and today, past and present tenses. Maybe those more challenging choices show up on higher levels. I'm not crazy about the Crowns, but I will try to at east get all topics up to level 1 in Spanish and French, and then reevaluate my progress. Que tenga un buen dia!


I think this is one advantage of the crown system, as it allows for gradual increase in difficulty of exercises, so e.g. you could include the capitalized sentence-starter as a clue to help you out in level 1 and 2 of, e.g., when you're learning inversion to form questions, as part of teaching that skill, then in level 3 and higher remove that clue. Gives you the prompt to help you get the idea, then remove it when you're expected to have the concept.


Had it not been for the capitals , I would not reach the level that I have. Giving us a capital letter helps one to do more exercises.I am glad for the help.Why kick the ladder down because you have reached the top?


The word bank already gives you quite a big clue, so I'm not against clues to help you keep motivated, but I think the capitals are a bit of an unintended help that can provide context that you won't get in a spoken situation or if you are starting to write from scratch.

I wish I had reached the top, I'm most definitely a beginner when it comes to learning another language. It's a great tool, but some things are a bit easy and I wonder if they are too easy?

I know I can turn the word bank off, but I do feel it helps, but perhaps too much...!

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