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Do lessons get more difficult as you move up the crown levels?

Lessons are supposed to get more difficult as you move up to the next crown level. However, the questions look the same to me when moving from level 2 to 3 in the only two Swahili skills I have tried it on. What do others think?

April 8, 2018



I got to from level 2 to 5 for Spanish Basics on the app. It basically meant more typing answers instead of clicking on pre spelled out words.


Thanks. I had already turned off the option to click words instead of typing them as I find I remember more if I have to type, so wasn't aware that there was more typing as the skills got harder. And maybe I just got unlucky with the ones I tried. I don't like the new system but I know that is down to personal preference and that some people will find it helpful.


Yeah, I did that too; except I tried to jump into the arabic courses and I liked the word bank ( I didn't have to type in arabic! Yay!) & I did a bit of the bank with hebrew; but I agree typing has some learning upsides.

I don't know how it will be with Swahili — I have heard that course has some issue already (not crown related) — but part of the ideas of crowns if having a higher difficulty. AND from what I have read from the FAQ & what I have done, I think practice works exactly the same, just you aren't going to get the visual indicator of skill decay ( tough luck). And all this is coming from a web-page perspective; not the myopy & issues of the silly App.


how do you turn the option off? I don't see where the option is located. Please and thanks!


When you go into a lesson you will see a link at the bottom called "use keyboard". If you click that, you will always be asked to type instead of selecting words. If you want to switch back, click the "use word bank" link.


I have only seen that option on the web version and not on the app. It's nice. I like it.


That is what they say, and that is the point of the update. When I get to level 4 in a harder skill, I think I will know. What Christina says of more typing in target language, and possibly harder sentences is where I think the change will show up; and to be fair, I feel like there has been a little bit of a difference between levels 2 & 3, and to me exercises seem less repetative, making it not as easy for me which I quite like.

Answer: Yes (but how much and how everyone, yourself included, will be sure to have opinions on, some much better than others :D D: )


There is no new material added, so it's pretty much the same stuff over an over again from what I've seen so far.


It seems to get a little more complicated at higher levels, but not by much.


I can't find a way to get to the grammar explanations in the new crown levels, but maybe I missed something? Anyway, I learn better if I have to type in the words, especially with Swahili where the vocabulary is new to me.


Ha--never mind; I just figured it out: click on the lightbulb. Now, back to learning!

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