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"Le gâteau d'anniversaire sera prêt samedi à quatorze heures."

Translation:The birthday cake will be ready Saturday at two o'clock.

April 8, 2018



"The birthday cake will be ready on Saturday at 2pm" should be accepted. In english 2 o'clock could mean 2am as well.


It is accepted now.

By the way, I wrote «the birthday cake will be ready on Saturday at two in the afternoon» . Is it not correct?


Completely agree. Just saying two o’clock is ambiguous and therefore if anything this should be wrong. It needs to be two o’clock in the afternoon and it’s ridiculous that this is marked as incorrect.


Thanj you very much JohnWood

[deactivated user]

    Why can’t I say fourteen hundred hours? that matches more closely what was said in French.


    It's very un-English to say fourteen hundred hours in the middle of a conversation unless it's some kind of military op I guess. I think Duo won't accept this because it wants the translation to be converted from good French (they use 24-hours when speaking about time) to good English (we usually use 12-hours when speaking).


    Excuse me, not native here, Could you please explain me what it means «forteen.hundred hours»?

    [deactivated user]

      24 hour clock time or military time

      1400 hours = 2 PM


      Agree, I use the 24 hour clock


      Surely this should not be correct? "The birthday cake will be ready at two PM on Saturday" Otherwise if not, someone please explain...


      Another point - in England at least, we would not say something will be ready “Saturday”. You need to say that it will be ready “on Saturday”.


      I'd suggest "The birthday cake will be ready Saturday at 14:00" or the various other ways of expressing this with the 24-hour clock

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