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  5. "jorchugh jor."

"jorchugh jor."

Translation:If it explodes, it explodes.

April 8, 2018



That is how life goes sometimes, man.


Klingon que serĂ¡ serĂ¡


But is dying in an explosion an honorable death? :)


Depends. If your enemy caused the explosion, and you die, you die with honor!


bIlugh! I was initially thinking of the accidental explosion of some kind of simple electronic device. However, if you die in a starship (or even a planetary) explosion while defending the juHqo' or the tlhlIngan wo', then it would be considered a batlh Hegh indeed!


A Klingon's c'est la vie.


The Klingon grammer I understand perfectly but my english is too difficoult for me. I never understand the english grammer. I am blind to understand english grammer :( With english I always stuck.


Remember that in English the subject must always be stated by using a noun or pronoun. I believe it is the same in German and Dutch, but it is not the same in Klingon. In Klingon the absence of a pronoun along with the null prefix (the absence of a prefix) indicates that the subject is either he, she, it, or they. In a real conversation there will usually be plenty of context to make it clear, but on Duolingo, there is often no context and you just have to pick. In this sentence there is a sort of context in that we know that people don't explode, so the thing exploding would be referred to as "it". So you must use "it" with each verb, since English requires some sort of noun or pronoun.

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