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  5. "Qo'noS rewbe' jIH."

"Qo'noS rewbe' jIH."

Translation:I am a citizen of Kronos.

April 8, 2018



Just a heads up tera'nganpu' have a problem pronouncing the home world Qo'noS. It isn't Kronos. But kho nosh. For some reason tera'nganpu' hear an "R".


The reason is that the American English r is produced in a very similar position to the Klingon Q and when the sound must be brought forward to pronounce a following vowel, the tongue and mouth pass through the shape used to pronounce an English r. Thus English speakers often hear an r sound in-between a Q and a following vowel, but never at the end of words and practically never when followed by a consonant.


Does rew mean something?


Not that we know of.

The -be' second syllable just coincidentally looks like the verbal suffix -- this is a two-syllable root that you can't break down further into components.

Most verbs have just one syllable, but there are a number of two-syllable and multi-syllable nouns, this being one of them.


It also coincidentally looks like the noun be', but doesn't necessarily refer to a female.

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