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"Existuje sýr, k němuž se nehodí chléb?"

Translation:Is there cheese that bread does not go with?

April 8, 2018



Why is "Does a cheese, which does not go with bread, exist?" wrong?


It does not sound English. Does the cheese what?


Why? It is simply, "Does the cheese exist?", but adding the relative clause as a complement of the noun (cheese). Exactly the same as in czech. Doesn't English admit that? I don't see any grammar problem there.


I simply overlooked the "exist" on a mobile phone it was on a new line and it was too late.

I am now just not sure if cheese which does not go with bread is the same as cheese which bread does not go with. Sýr, ke kterému se nehodí chléb vs. sýr, který se nehodí ke chlebu.


Neither I... But, in english, both phrases would mean that they (cheese and bread) dont match eact other, wouldnt it?


Do many Czechs say, "chléb"? I've read that, when talking about bread in general they often say, "chleba", i.e. the genetive case of the noun.


chléb is the formal name, you will see it written in bakeries and grocery shops and it will be called by this name in official documents. Also in the Lord's prayer and in the Bible in general.

In normal speech we say "chleba" (in nominative).


In speech, would the word decline in other case forms as if the nominative form were chléb?


Not exactly. Just follow the dictionary https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/chleba


My translation 'Does a cheese that bread does not go with exist?' keeps getting refused and I apologise for not 'reporting' it this time but throwing it open for a discussion. I think my translation is also correct...


FWIW... From my native AmE perspective, taking only the EN side into account, I'd say it works fine. Maybe It's a little more "formal" using "does a... exist" instead of "is there a..." but it doesn't sound stilted or weird. I'd say it could be added to the acceptable translations, unless there's something about the CZ sentence that makes it non-workable.

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