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"Beaucoup de gens parlent anglais en Namibie."

Translation:Many people speak English in Namibia.

April 8, 2018



A lot of people in Namibia speak English should also be accepted, instead of being marked incorrect. English is one of the official languages.


I thought that either placement of the phrase works, so it's better not to change the word order for no reason.


Both "A lot of people speak English in Namibia" and "A lot of people in Namibia speak English" are effectively the same, but the emphasis is different between the two. Further the accepted answer is more correct based on the French word order. I say this after getting it wrong 3 times in a row.


A lot of people in namibia spesk english. Is that not the same as a lot of peopl sprak english in Namibia. The meaning is surely the same


Perhaps also: 'Many of the the people in Namibia speak english'


« Beaucoup de » means "many" or "a lot of"

I have seen "many of the" translated as "un bon nombre des personnes" though I think that is really more like "A good number of the people"
Perhaps "Bien des gens" ?


"A lot of people in Namibia speak English" marked wrong. Sigh...


this is becoming ridiculous Duolingo is marking so many correct answers as incorrect. there is no doubt that a lot of people in Namibia speak English is also correct


You changed the word order for no good reason. It's hard for a computer program to follow such arbitrary revisions. Even a lot of human teachers wouldn't tolerate such arbitrary changes.


Why not "Lots of people"?????


Try reporting it if and only if everything else is exactly the same as the correct answer at the top of the page and in the same word order.


How would one say "many speak English"? Would it be "Beaucoup parle ..." or "Beaucoup parlent ..." Why does the verb agree with the object of a preposition in the example given?


I don’t get it. It is not as though we say -many speaks-, because “many” is plural so we say “many speak”. The verb agrees with the subject. It is “beaucoup parlent”.


You usually need a real subject in French, as i understand it. So you might need to say beaucoup de gens or beaucoup de Namibiens.


Why can't I use a lot of people for beaucoup. Why is it wrong


Try reporting it as also correct. I prefer "many" when it is countable.

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