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I have known Turkish my whole life and Duolingo was still very informative

So I first learned Turkish when I was growing up when my mom taught me. My mom says that my first word was anne and I was and still am always proud to know Turkish but I was honestly pretty bad at parts of it. I have lived in America my entire life and so I never grew up with people that spoke Turkish constantly except for my mom, and so I never learned complex words and when I go to Turkey to see family I do not speak anything complicated. Also what I fins the most sad is that I never learned to write. I was effectively illiterate for a lot of my life in Turkish. I recently decided I wanted to change that so I started doing Turkish on Duolingo and it has helped me. i have not finished yet but the ability to practice reading, learn writing and also not have to much difficulty learning the basics of the language is very helpful. I just wanted to thank Duolingo for this chance and especially thank the people that made the course!

April 8, 2018



I am very suprised. I heard turkish is some of the intermediate languages to learn and as a native arabic speaker i am shocked with how difficult this language really is. There are like 20 versions of a single word and those non stop suffixes. I speak arabic, german, english and spanish. I have been on duolingo for about 2 weeks and managed to get to level 9,trying to max out the skill tree and get every skill to gold tier. I also have a turkish premium account on babbel but this is by far the hardest language i have come across. At times i just want to say fck it, but i think of all the native english people getting fluent in chinese and i just keep fighting. Trying hard to stay motivated. Its a really frustrating language for me to learn even though its shares some words with arabic and french. I thought i had learned decent turkish, so i went on youtube for a turkish video and didnt understand sht of what they were saying. pisses me off but hopefully i can have a basic conversation in turkish after practicing for a year.


Your comment surprises me. For two reasons. 1- Because i don't find Turkish so complicated. 2- Because there are a lot of words that sound identical in Turkish and Arabic. I recall the Arabic words for portakal, zaman, araba, and so on, because they are very similar to the Turkish ones, even if there are some little differences of pronounciation or sense.

Perhaps, what is a little confusing at the beginning in Turkish, is the specificities of this language, such as voyel harmonies, or the order of the words.

I precise that I am French, so my native language has nothing to see with Turkish, except some words.

But nevermind, just go on to become fluent enough in Turkish ! You surely can do it. I learn Turkish since november with duolingo, and I already can write some little things to my Turkish e-friend without too much difficulty.


Are you using the app or the website? I recommend elon.io, as well, for Turkish.

Beyond dabbling here and there, I have only studied English (from birth), Spanish, and now Turkish. I value Turkish because it is helping me relearn Spanish. Monotony is a big threat for a project of mine. Specifically, when merely relearning the easier (for me) language is not very stimulating, I work on the harder one. When Turkish has been exercising me for a little while, I cool off by simply practicing Spanish. Doing a bit of both every day makes me appreciate them both, and so I am getting more of two languages than I would likely have got in the long run of just trying to power through one. Perhaps something like this could help your Turkish.


Wow, that website you posted looks great.


"but i think of all the native english people getting fluent in chinese and i just keep fighting" -- lol. Chinese is my native language and I think it's way easier than Turkish as far as grammar is concerned. Most foreigners learn to speak Chinese after a few months of immersion.


Hey, new Turkish learners! It has been nine months so far! How is Turkish going for you now?


Turkish is a beautiful language! I first got interested in the language when I was watching a show and I realised I could pick up so many words just from reading the subtitles. I seriously got interested in it and am learning it on Duolingo (and a couple other places) and it's totally fun! :)


Great story! Turkey is a beautiful and fascinating country. It's great you're maintaining the language.

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