"Les participantes seront informées des règles."

Translation:The participants will be informed of the rules.

April 9, 2018

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Is there any detectable pronunciation difference between the feminine and masculine versions of this sentence?


Yes, in the feminine version, you should hear the T in "partitipantes".


I can not hear T in this lesson, but it is still feminine.


IMHO, "The participants will be informed about the rules" is a more natural way to translate this. "...informed of the rules." is somewhat awkward.

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I think "informed of the rules" is much more natural than "informed about the rules."

But, I actually looked up which came up on google more often. "informed of" generated 46.1 million links, while "informed about" generated 41.4 million links, so not that big a difference (the first links in each case were to grammar pages saying both prepositions were acceptable).


In the immediately preceding question, which was the same but for masculine participants (Les participants seront informé des règles), DL missed the “s” off “informés”, so I did the same here and was marked as incorrect. So that’s two of todays’s five Health “lives” lost in one exercise through no fault of my own. Grrr! DL French is such a mess.


Yes, the preceding question has a mistake and "informés" should agree with "participants", in the masculine plural. Have you had a chance to report it?
Of course "participantes" and "informées" go together in this sentence.


So many times things reported for more than a year and not corrected.


I'm having the same experience. No matter how many times I correct my answer, I'm marked incorrect. If I change to the feminine version, the correct answer is given as masculine snd vice versa.


You have not reported your sentence during the exercise, have you?


I wrote "The participants will be told the rules," and I was marked wrong.

This means the exact same thing as "The participants will be informed of the rules."

My answer should have been marked correct as well. 4/08/2018


Would "the participants will be informed of the rules" be incorrect English?

If not, this direct translation will help you remember that "to be informed of" translates to "être informé de".


Right, but - without any intention to be merely polemic - then "The participants will be informed about the rules" should not be marked wrong.

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