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Are there more grammar and vocabulary for Spanish on new crown system versus the original system?

One month ago, when I asked how many words I would learn after completing Duolingo Spanish tree, some people told me that I would be able to learn around 2,500 words. Now, with the new crown system added recently, will I still learn around 2,500 words after completing the tree at the highest crown level for each lesson? And will I learn more grammars with the new crown system?

April 9, 2018

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It says in the official notice : Crowns FAQ

>This change is necessary to improve how we teach and add more difficult content for those who want it.

So it looks like they are working on more difficult content as you progress through to higher crowns. Complexity in language is more than just the number of words you know, but knowing how and when to use them, and when you hear them to interpret them, from what I understand.

However , as a volunteer, this is also IMO.

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