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Finished French Tree, but the new crowns

I finished the french tree today! It took me way too long but finally I finished the very last lesson. However I am quite dissatisfied with the new crown system. Not only does it slightly take away from the satisfaction of finishing the tree, but it is also quite difficult for me to use. I liked the old design in which you could easily see which lessons you needed to strengthen and which ones you knew quite well. I also dislike how you have to go through every single sub-lesson for each category instead of just practicing the overall category. Obviously I am not the only one who feels this way about the new update, but I just wanted to share my take on the new update and share the news of finishing the french tree. Also, any recommendations on what language I should learn next (currently working on German)?

April 9, 2018



I concur with you about the crowns.


I tend to agree. I had been working hard to finish the French tree and was well on the way b4 crowns, now I am back in the boonies. I think it would have been better if they had perhaps called it 'advanced' or French Plus, rather than everybody just be reset to ground zero. Aside from the glitches I 'suppose' I will learn to accept the new crowns (what else can I do?) but I do so reluctantly and despondently. I am doing 4 serious languages (and Arabic on Memrise, as there is not one on Duo - yet; got to say that I like Memrise) and hoped to get them all to level 25 this year, I feel that the crown system will slow me down not accelerate.


What is your native language?


Keep up your french :)

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