I (do not)like the Crowns(as much). ~EDITED~

It's new and something different. I haven't had any issues with repetition or other glitches so far and I like how you have a new feature to motivate you to press forward. I'm not the only one, am I?


I am sorry for those who agreed with me, but I must take back some of what I said. I will leave it up here anyway. I have found the crown system is not as good as I thought it was. Before I could select a word lesson or brush up on words I was leaving behind, but that is no longer. This makes it a bit difficult to practice further up the tree. I'm not upset about losing the fluency percentage because I honestly don't remember my number; it was inaccurate anyhow. There is a bit of repetition, and sometimes a word I have not learned yet will be tossed in the lesson. I still think its a nice and new way of learning, but i'm not quite sure how this is better. The repetition etches the lessons into your memory at the cost of having a choice in what the lesson will be. Does that make sense?

April 9, 2018


I love Crowns too

April 9, 2018

Me too. If one doesn't obsess about having everything gold etc. i.e. the gamification aspect, it's very good. Forget the earliest lessons if you find them too easy/repetitive. I did basics from level 3 to 5 just to see and yes, it was a bit tedious, but I then opened one further down on level 3 and I was being asked to make reasonably difficult sentences, so level 4/5 should be more difficult.

I am just going to select lessons randomly and just do them to mix things up. I now listen to the speech only before answering. I have also stopped using my phone and am using my tablet so I can drop the word boxes to increase the difficulty.

I did find before, that if I was too preoccupied with the daily XP target and making my tree gold etc, it took something away from the quality of learning.

April 9, 2018

The best thing about this update for me is that it keeps asking me to form sentences in the language I'm learning and it clears up a lot of things for me. Because translating into English is easy for me but writing in the language I'm learning requires proper grammar, construct etc.

April 9, 2018

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