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Seven day streak lost even though I didn't miss a day?

I started a new seven day streak challenge yesterday and when I signed on to do some studying today, it told me I'd already lost the challenge due to missing a day? It was a half hour before midnight so I still had plenty of time. My streak information confirms I haven't missed, so why did I lose the challenge?

April 9, 2018



Happened to me,too. Under notifications, I lost my streak. Then, I got it back. Maybe, it was a glitch from the transfer to crowns. Hope you get yours back, too!


I think I lost mine once because I had my PHONE APP set to give me a reminder, and I did the lesson late that night (after 11 p.m., I think) on the COMPUTER! When I do a lesson after receiving the reminder, without clicking on the owl ON THE PHONE REMINDER BAR, it does not give me credit for having done it!

I have also heard about people losing them due to the hours changing on Daylight Savings Time, or traveling into the Eastern Time Zone when the lessons were set up for Central time, for example. I complained, when I finally found a way to reach them, but they said there was nothing they could do. So, I have started over twice, and I'm hoping nothing else happens before I reach 1,000 days!


Yikes! Losing a 1,000 day streak would infuriate me! Let's hope that doesn't happen!

It was a half hour to midnight and I completed in less than 10 minutes. My streak at the time, I have since missed a day, showed I hadn't missed it but it still counted against me. The only thing I can think of is that Catherine966298 was right and it was because of the switch to crowns as it happened not long after the switch.

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