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  5. "Nemá ráda modrou."

"Nemá ráda modrou."

Translation:She does not like the color blue.

April 9, 2018



"the color blue" is correct, "the blue color" isn't. Why?


See https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/184540/blue-colour-or-colour-blue . Native English speakers might be able to tell you more. If I understand the reference correctly, I would use "the blue color" for the same as "that blue color", that means "tu modrou barvu".


I'm native AmE, and I agree with the explanation given at the link that VladaFu provided: "... 'I like the colour blue' means that the colour you like, in general, is blue... 'I like the blue colour' implies that there was a given choice of certain colors and you chose the one which is blue (as if you where choosing from colour swatches)."


I wrote "He" instead of "She". How can one know which?


Same question :)


ráda is feminine singular, masculine singular is rád, neuter is rádo


Why does it sometimes "the color blue" and other times it just says "red" (or whatever color) how do you know to include "the color"? Hope that made sense!


Both are possible and the computer likely chooses that one that seems closer to your answer.

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