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What's the point of health?

Five mistakes and you're out in the app, than continue on the websiteand the counting just continues........ I bought plus membership in the hope never to run out of health, this was a mistake. Even by mistake tapping the space bar too low is counted as an error, now we have to do thousends of exercises five strikes and you're out is annoying.

April 9, 2018



And there is something else, making mistakes is a good thing as than you can learn. Why does duolingo makes making mistakes into something bad? We are not children in school?


I agree. I believe the point of the health was to keep people from going too far ahead with new vocab without practicing the old vocab. The crown system seems to be for the same reason. One or the other should be sufficient. It would make sense to have the first round of a new lesson be for health but have all the other rounds be practice. This way you can still try out a new set of vocab and then work on crowns to get your health back up.

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