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I've been crowned

I go away for 5 days and when I come back I've been crowned. For the early skills (6 or so) I've been given 2 crowns but only 1 crown for the rest.

It gives me the "word bank" by default (on my laptop) but the "keyboard" option is available, should I want it.

You get 10 XPs for each mini-section of each crown, which are much shorter than previously.

I've decided that my best approach is to get up to 2 crowns on each existing skill using the "word bank". This is relatively easy for me in the early skills and a useful refresher. Presumably will be harder as I go down.

When I've done that I'll move onto the new skills again. I've not decided whether to go back to the keyboard or to use the "word bank" for these.

Overall the crowns probably suit me better than the old system. I found that the constant effort to keep everything gold was a bit wearing after a while.

April 9, 2018



Yeah I really like the crowns too! It's a solution to something that had been discouraging me, which is that I would come back to a tree I was already really far with after two weeks of inactivity, and suddenly everything is not gold anymore and my fluency percentage has gone down. Now it's just a matter of leveling up, which is much more fun and feels more reasonable.

April 28, 2018


Yes, just got back home. A week of inactivity due to lack of wifi and I still have the 122 crowns I had before and can look forward to increasing the count tomorrow. I've lost my "streak" but that didn't mean anything to me anyway.

April 28, 2018
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